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(1) Put the headset into the charging case, close the cover, wait for 8 sec
onds, and open again to pair.
(2) Refresh or restart the device Bluetooth.
(3) Restore factory settings of the headset.
(1) Put the headset into the charging case again, close the cover, wait for
8 seconds,and open the upper cover to try.
(2) Operate according to the solution to class 1 problem.
(1) Check whether the charging case is powered.
(2) Check whether there is any foreign matters in the headset placement
area of the charging case.
(3) L’entrée nominale filaire du compartiment de charge est de 5 V 380
mA, et l’entrée nominale sans fil est de 5 V 220 mA. Veuillez ne pas
utiliser d’adaptateur haute puissance pour charger le compartiment de
Settings - sound and touch - headset safety - reduce the high volume,
turn off”Reduce maximum volume”, and then increase the iPhone volume.
(determined according to different system versions)
1.Headset Bluetooth cannot be searched after device connection
2.Headset is disconnected or silent
4.The headset cannot be charged
5.How to restore factory settings of the headset ?
3.The maximum volume of iPhone users' headset is low (please reduce
3.the volume of the mobile phone before operation)
When the headset is turned on, long press the headset for 8 seconds.
After hearing the prompt tone “Power Off”, long press the headset again.
After hearing “Beep” , it indicates that the factory settings are reset. At
this time, put the headset into the charging case and cover the box, wait
for about 5 seconds to take it out, and then Bluetooth pairing with the new
device can be carried out.

Warm tips: the volume shall not be too high in daily use, otherwise it is easy to damage

your hearing. Please develop a good listening habit. Take off your headset every hour

to let your ears relax and rest.